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You already know what an escape room is, go a step further and experience now the intense world of adventure rooms. Forget about the game, this is a damn real experience! No padlocks, no timers… don’t think about how an astronaut would act, be an astronaut! Let the rain wets you, let the aliens caress your hair and the thunders shakes you. Stop wondering what it would be like to be inside a movie. and come to create it by immersing yourself in our new concept of rooms.

Are you ready to face an alternative reality?

Stop playing, live!

it’s all about emotions


Live an authentic adrenaline explosion. Experience what you never thought you could get to live.
Form your team and join the adventure!


This is not a chess match. You're going to stain your hands. Your intellect is only a part of you. Get up and get ready to sweat the shirt.


If you have ever wondered how you and your team would behave in extreme circumstances, it is time to find out. Test your confidence in them and also in yourself by facing a limit situation.


Totally different

My boyfriend and I have done many escape rooms but none like this one. When you experience this adventure you discover that it is very different from anything you have experienced before. Super immersive and excellent staff that makes for an amazing atmosphere. Thanks for everything guys! Can't wait to try more of your games.

Unique experience in the world!

We have done more than 100 escapes throughout Spain and Europe and we have to say that this adventure is unique and 100% different from anything we have seen. It is made with the pure idea of amusing those who play it. You will be completely in the dark, but the game master is also part of the game in a very special way and will make the experience unforgettable. It is not a horror game, so don't be afraid to book because of the name!

Very different and fun!

Forget about any other experience inside a room because it's unlike anything you've ever played before. Touch and hearing are going to play a fundamental role during your adventure, without them you won't be able to get out. The way in which the game master "enters" the game is very well resolved and is one of the most original we have seen. His role is key in this experience, as he will be your guide in this new unknown world.

A real adventure

We have done several escape rooms with Maximum and I have to say that I am more and more in love with the system they have, and it was time to play Ulysses! The masters are wonderful, fun and attentive, the more you get into the role and the more you follow the game, the better the experience. Getting used to "not looking for clues" or "locks" everywhere but enjoying the game was a bit difficult at the beginning because we were used to normal scape rooms, but without a doubt now we don't want to go anywhere else. We have already done 4 with them and we are looking forward to continue. It is not just an escape room to look for numbers and keys, each room is set to the smallest detail, it is a story, an adventure, a world, where you forget everything, time, even that you are in an escape room.

It is a masterpiece

We are glad that this adventure is different and gives a twist to the classic escape format. In Ulysses you are going to live an experience. It is very necessary to have alternatives in the format so that this does not end up boring the players. It must be said that this room follows the pattern of most Maximo rooms, where they focus more on the experience itself. Don't go with the intention of demonstrating to your group your surely few intellectual skills because it is not a place for that: GO ENJOY!