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Our industry is very young. Only a couple of years ago very few people knew about escape rooms and quests in reality. Now these games brought from virtual to physical reality are rapidly taking the world over. Imagine you happened to get inside a computer game. The difference is that here you can touch everything, feel the clumsiness of moving in a space suit, and the dragon will be breathing fire on you, not on a pixelated character.

Our team comprises experts of various formats: tall and shorty, easygoing and hardheaded. We all came to the escape rooms industry when it was all about coded locks and latches, and we studied and explored a lot finding ways to create an alternate reality. We are different, but we share the same dream - we want to make the best games, quests of ultimate quality. No more compromise! This is how Maximum Escape was established in 2015.

Each story is created and polished by a team of expert script-writers until it is so good, that they can applaud themselves. The story is then carefully handed over to scene-painters and decorators. They rummage libraries, watch movies and dream of the details of this newly imagined world. And then set to work day and night with no single wink of sleep to keep the inspiration burning. At the same time engineers start inventing unique devices and appliances to bring the script-writers’ rampant imagination of to reality. And deep in the secret underground laboratory the master of electronics creates the quest’s brain – artificial intelligence, that will control everything, even players’ emotions. After months of compulsive work they all get together, connect all the pieces of the future quest, step aside and press the “Start” button in a great anxiety. And the quest comes to life.

It might seem we make quests only for our own pleasure, but it’s not the case. Like filmmakers, who shoot movies for the audience, we make our games for our guests. And the biggest reward we can get are your emotions and impressions. If they run high – we’ve done a good job! We are deeply convinced that the days of simple puzzles and code guessing games are over. Up-to-date quests need to be like interactive movies, where the player plunges into a different reality and becomes a central character of the story.

Still hard to imagine what we are talking about? But already want to try it? You are welcome!

Maybe you already played our games? Then we want to ask you for a favor. Your opinion about our quests really matters to us. We know that despite our best efforts they can still be improved, become even more exciting. If you have anything to share, ask or recommend, please contact us at booking@maximumescape.com and on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MaximumEscape/.